Notice Board
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  17/08/2019   Class commencing from 19.08.2019   1st SEMESTER STUDENTS (NEW ENTRANTS) Dr. Itishree Mohanty , Principal
  17/08/2019   Commencement of Class from 19.08.2019   To all B.Sc Students Dr. Matruprasad Dash , Asst Professor
  03/08/2019   Solar Urja Lamp (SoUL) Competition organised by IIT Bombay and AICTE   To all the Students Sakti Sankar Pati , Associate Professor
  09/07/2019   Regarding InTech Olympiad   Students for all semester S.Abinash , HOD- Computer Sc. & Engg.
  28/06/2019   REGARDING COMMENCEMENT OF CLASS   To 7th and 5th semester students Dr. Itishree Mohanty , Principal
  17/12/2018   Registration & Commencement of Class for 6th and 8th semester   FOR THE STUDENTS OF 8th and 6th SEMESTER Dr. Itishree Mohanty , Principal